• The Age of Descent launches

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  • Telling a story which speaks of our times

    Age of Descent

    A young adult novel, a series in development, and now set to follow Thin, Brittle,
    Mile as one of the World Writers Showcase’s next multi-cast AudioMovies

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  • Age of Descent


    A new festival, marketplace and publishing arena for writers and artists to promote, find deals for or publish
    their work giving scope for the voices that matter to find their audience

  • Age of Descent


    Age of Descent is a poignant and powerful multi-strand drama following the struggle
    of five teenagers and their young teacher at an average suburban school battling harrowing journeys through…

  • Age of Descent


    …. cyberbulling, internet danger, teenage suicide, the struggle of emerging sexuality
    for young gay people, the pressure to succeed and the horror of the knife crime epidemic

  • Age of Descent

    Story is a
    powerful medium

    Because there are certain stories which need to be told
    Because it is the duty of storytellers to do whatever it takes to reach their audience

  • Age of Descent


    To show those we aim to inspire that it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down in life
    It matters only that you get up one more time than you fall

  • Age of Descent

    There goes the child
    There stands the man

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    Age of Descent &
    Thin, Brittle, Mile

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The inaugural World Writers Showcase is happening soon

If you’re a new writer, wondering how you go about setting your first foot in the arena, a veteran, with a thousand rejection slips that have never dented your conviction that you were born with stories inside you that must be shared, or an agent, knowing you have a client, or one of their works that simply must find its way into the world, then the World Writers Showcase could be your answer.

Age of Descent and Thin, Brittle, Mile Novels are Available Now on Amazon

The Only

Love, Obsession, Possession

A supernatural thriller, unlike any other, now a novel and soon to become the first US based fully cast AudioMovie

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  • Be a Part of Something

    Age of Descent is a deeply poignant, sometimes harrowing and ultimately powerful and moving look at issues affecting our younger generation in current times.  

    Our own fight to bring Age of Descent to an audience is as much a part of the project as the storyline itself and we aim to show our own arduous journey and the ultimate belief others have shown in us in the documentary ‘Fires we’re Starting…’ as a way of inspiring the younger generation.

    It was written several years ago when the knife crime epidemic was thought to be at its worst and we drew on the experiences of young people on all sides of issues such as gang culture, cyber bullying, the emerging sexuality of gay teenagers, internet danger and the pressure to succeed.

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  • The World’s First AudioMovie

    Be a Part of History in the Making!

    The British Filmmakers Alliance is all about finding new avenues when routes and doorways remain closed to us.  

    Just as young people should never give up on their potential and worth because of life’s challenges so we, as a collective of filmmakers, actors and writers must never give up on what we were born to do.  

    With Age of Descent we are leading the fight, the gentle revolution, and in the process hopefully showing some young people, even one would be enough, that the difficulties of life don’t have to break you.  

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  • Anthem for Rising Youth

    ‘That you are here—that life exists and identity, that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.’ - Walt Whitman

    Now is the time for us to show today’s younger generation that they have a voice and that the stories of their lives are ones that matter and will be heard.
    We’re asking young people to write the soundtrack of their own lives.
    Do you, or does a young person you know, have a gift for writing poetry, rap, song? Do they have a desire to contribute a verse to a song which will hopefully be an echo of, and a statement for, young people’s lives today?

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  • The Joining Forces Campaign

    Last year we launched the Joining Forces Campaign, an initiative which aims to pair former servicemen and women with filmmakers for the mutual benefit of both sides.
    Several thousand veterans, young men and women, who fought for our country in recent conflicts have had to leave their careers early due to physical or psychological illness or injury.

    We recently made our first film in the spirit of the Joining Forces Campaign, Love of Words, and were joined by several former servicemen both in front of and behind the camera. It was one of the most joyous shoots we’ve ever been part of. No doubt because of the presence of the servicemen. Filmmakers and actors are sometimes guilty of giving in to their egos and a filmset can occasionally slip into divides.

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  • Thin, Brittle, Mile

    As well as ‘Age of Descent’ we are moving mountains to get the first feature film in the Joining Forces Campaign off the ground.

    Read more about Thin, Brittle, Mile at the brochure below or visit our first slate of books on sale including the thriller ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’ and the young adult novel of ‘Age of Descent’.

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  • Get Involved

    Join the ‘be a part of something’ movement

    There are many ways you, your family, your colleagues, your company, could either take benefit from or be intrinsic in helping get ‘Age of Descent’ to an audience.

    The Joining Forces Campaign and the Age of Decent AudioMovie are part of a Social Enterprise.  The most important thing for us is to see it reach an audience. Secondly it is to set a precedent and pioneer a new way for more stories which are currently denied their chance to be brought to the world.

    Any potential profits from the Age of Descent AudioMovie will be donated to charities supporting young people living with the issues raised in the story and fed back into the Social Enterprise to create further opportunities for more projects to happen.

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  • Is There a Writer in You?

    Once the Age of Descent is launched to the world our project and this site will evolve into the World Writers Showcase, a sister site to The World Film Showcase.

    It is our endeavour to see the most meaningful and talented writers and their work reach the world.  

    Anyone anywhere can write.  And those that believe they were born to write should be writing, now, whatever their situation, whatever their circumstance. 

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Showcasing the talent
of youth culture

Unlocking and promoting the layers of potential and talent from young people everywhere.  Whether you are, or know a young person who excels in the areas of art, acting, writing, music or sport Join our Community to find out how we plan to encourage and celebrate them and their achievements. 

We are also aiming to encourage the potential of those young people who may have had the confidence and courage knocked from them by life.  If you’re a youth worker, anti-bullying campaigner, anti-knife crime or gang culture activist or teacher and want to explore this with us Join our Community for updates.

What is The World
Writers Showcase?


The World Writers Showcase is a new festival and market for writers and artists from all around the world. We lead with the Age of Descent project but plan to seek out and promote the best writers and artists of any age, nationality, background and experience.

Exceptional Talent

It is also a place for agents, publishers, editors and filmmakers to source the most exceptional talent in the form of novels, children’s books, short stories, screenplays, teleplays and poetry.  

If you’re an agent, publisher or editor and would like early accreditation please write to us now.

+44 (0) 207 887 2211

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I be involved?

The Age of Decent

Few needs of the human heart are greater than the need to be understood. The Age of Descent project is here to let our younger generation know that they have a voice which is heard, respected, and valued and a story which we, on their behalf, are determined to tell.

The Creative Force

The World Writers Showcase enhances that philosophy. Reminding struggling writers everywhere that they are the creative force in their life. The World Writers Showcase aims to create new pathways so the strongest voices from all around the world can reach the people whose lives will be influenced and inspired by their words.

Join our Community to be kept informed of both the Age of Descent and World Writers Showcase.

Available Now

Find our Books on Amazon

Thin, Brittle, Mile novel and the Age of Descent young adult novel will soon be available for purchase.

Join our Community to be kept informed of The World Writers Showcase wider launch and how you could have your work promoted through us and find publication.

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    Feature Film

    The Spoiler Feature Film is available at our sister site The World Film Showcase

    Meet the Team

    Age of Descent and the World Writers Showcase is brought to you by Wild Frontier Productions and The British Filmmakers Alliance. We are also the proud founders of The Joining Forces Campaign giving early retired servicemen the chance to find new life experiences and potential career options in the filmmaking community.

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