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Be a Part of Something

Be a part of something

Age of Descent is a deeply poignant, sometimes harrowing and ultimately powerful and moving look at issues affecting our younger generation in current times.  

Our own fight to bring Age of Descent to an audience is as much a part of the project as the storyline itself and we aim to show our own arduous journey and the ultimate belief others have shown in us in the documentary ‘Fires we’re Starting…’ as a way of inspiring the younger generation.

It was written several years ago when the knife crime epidemic was thought to be at its worst and we drew on the experiences of young people on all sides of issues such as gang culture, cyber bullying, the emerging sexuality of gay teenagers, internet danger and the pressure to succeed.

Those young people who were brave enough to share their stories and feelings, often of fear, shame and anxiety, sometimes of guilt, gave a texture and life to the screenplay that effected most people who read it.  It attracted an incredible cast and many industry professionals saw it as an important story which needed to be told. And yet we faced the same obstacles and impossibilities as so many filmmakers trying valiantly to bring worthy projects into fruition.  

This year has seen an unprecedented surge in the number of young people caught up in knife crime incidents and gang culture, tragically with more and more losing their lives.   With the other issues in Age of Descent still a profound part of so many young peoples’ lives we are more compelled than ever to do whatever it takes to see it reach the audience who it would matter to the most.

Age of Descent is an important story which needs to be told.  And will be told!

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