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Is There a Writer in You?

Is There a Writer in You?

Once the Age of Descent is launched to the world our project and this site will evolve into the World Writers Showcase, a sister site to The World Film Showcase.

It is our endeavour to see the most meaningful and talented writers and their work reach the world.  

Anyone anywhere can write.  And those that believe they were born to write should be writing, now, whatever their situation, whatever their circumstance.

The World Writers Showcase will act as a festival to celebrate and promote the most talented works of fiction, poetry, novels, screenplays, children’s books and short stories as well as a marketplace to allow publishers, editors and agents the chance to make deals.  

Should promoted works not find the right deal during the time allocated for the marketplace those writers have the option to publish on the World Writers Showcase itself allowing their work to find readership and earning a salary in return.

Are you among a new generation of bold and fearless writers who aren’t afraid to take risks, break boundaries, be different and daring?

All the possibilities in the world await you.  And the world is waiting for the nugget of gold within you.  For your creative voice. For you to put together the words that will come to mean so much to the people they are destined to reach.

Never ignore that still small voice inside you that says ‘this might just work and I’ll try it’.

Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.

A writer writes – so what are you waiting for?

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And please visit our sister site The World Film Showcase.

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