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The Joining Forces Campaign

The Joining Forces Campaign

Last year we launched the Joining Forces Campaign, an initiative which aims to pair former servicemen and women with filmmakers for the mutual benefit of both sides.

Several thousand veterans, young men and women, who fought for our country in recent conflicts have had to leave their careers early due to physical or psychological illness or injury.

We recently made our first film in the spirit of the Joining Forces Campaign, Love of Words, and were joined by several former servicemen both in front of and behind the camera.  It was one of the most joyous shoots we’ve ever been part of. No doubt because of the presence of the servicemen. Filmmakers and actors are sometimes guilty of giving in to their egos and a filmset can occasionally slip into divides.    

There is an awful lot we can learn when standing shoulder to shoulder with a group of people for whom no problem is insurmountable, who do not hide behind excuses and for whom giving up is never an option.

What the Joining Forces Campaign is able to give back to those servicemen is new life experiences, a taste of possible alternate careers and to once again feel the spirit of brotherhood and teamsmanship and the sense of solidarity and belonging that is prevalent while serving in the forces.

Please see the Joining Forces Campaign’s first film ‘Love of Words’ here.

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