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The World’s First AudioMovie

The World’s First AudioMovie

Be a Part of History in the Making!

The British Filmmakers Alliance is all about finding new avenues when routes and doorways remain closed to us.  

Just as young people should never give up on their potential and worth because of life’s challenges so we, as a collective of filmmakers, actors and writers must never give up on what we were born to do.  

With Age of Descent we are leading the fight, the gentle revolution, and in the process hopefully showing some young people, even one would be enough, that the difficulties of life don’t have to break you.  

That if you refuse to accept the word ‘no’ no matter how many times you hear it.  If you can brave the cruelty and ridicule of others. If you can still believe in yourself when all others turn away.  If you keep listening to the small nagging voice of certainty within that refuses to allow you to give up on your dreams.  That you, like anyone else, are more than capable of achieving the impossible.

The AudioMovie is our answer to impossibilities faced by so many writers and filmmakers wanting to bring their stories to the world.  The fusing of an audiobook and a film. AudioMovie’s are planned as fully cast dramatizations of screenplays, infused with the excitement of cinema via performances, sound effects and score.

The Age of Descent will be the first.  

Visit our ‘Meet the Team’ page to see examples of our work and more about us.

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